Friday, July 17, 2009

Tupelo Music Hall 7/16

Since I'm doing so well with sticking with posting daily, I thought I'd better post before I go and torture myself for an hour or so. Well, the first half hour goes okay, but then I give my timer disbelieving looks for the next thirty minutes. Because I'm masochistic, I've decided to exercise forty-five minutes, an hour a day the next week I have off...

Anyway, last night. As I said, I was going to see Carbon Leaf for the third time, the second at the Tupelo Music Hall. Last time was the night of the ice storm. Yikes! Last night's show wasn't cut short like the encore was in December. I like the Tupelo, it's definitely what one calls an "intimate" setting. So tiny! We were in the 4th row, so it was just a few feet from the stage.

One of the nice things about the venue is that it's so relaxed. Before the show started C and I spent a while talking about our jobs, our semi-insane mothers and guys who are sadly going away, won't go away, and in her case one who is sticking around. We also talked a little with the group of boys in our row and the one in front of us but they seemed pretty young, though, oh well.

Besides being ungodly hot, it was a really good show. It being hot got me applause - between songs Barry (the lead singer) said it felt like a barn and people began to moo in jest, so he asked if we messed with cows: so I yelled "No, that's Vermont!" which people appreciated =) Especially the drunk lady in front of us who wanted a high five. Nope, I wasn't drinking myself, why do you ask?

Some people know every single song, but I don't. So I kind of let my mind drift during songs I didn't recognize and/or ones I'm not as fond of. I kind of got distracted by a rip in Barry's shirt that I wanted to fix - I got distracted during a play years ago when an actress had the same problem. Don't they know people who can sew? I'd do it for them, really - and thinking about how for someone right around thirty-eight Barry has a nice body: in this photo he's the guy on the far left. Thirty-eight is older than I'm usually interested in, but sometimes you have to make exceptions. The oldest man I've ever been attracted to, Wally, is now 45 or almost, and the youngest, Oliver, turned 26 sometime before June given he was 17 when I knew him the summer of 2000 (I'm a lot more at peace with age differences like that than when I was myself barely 23, and no longer feel guilty like I did back then for not even acted upon attraction). I've been attracted to more guys who are currently under 30 than over 35, though because I'm kind of immature myself. I tend to ramble, don't I? Since it seems I'm mostly writing for my own viewing, I guess I won't bother to worry about it.

There are some interesting songs off the new cd, which I don't have. Yet. I like "Another Man's Woman" best, then "Pink" and "Lake Of Silver Bells." I'll have to find that one too. If you'd like to hear them, two of the three are on this page in the player on the left.

The cursed song, "The Boxer" didn't cause anything bad to happen this time: the first time we saw them was outdoors in Lowell, and they had to stop when lightning got perilously close, and in December that's the same damn song they were playing when the power cut out for the first time. However, they didn't play "American Tale" or "Desperation Song." Sigh. I wish they had.

All in all, it was worth getting home after midnight, and slogging through a nine-hour work day on too little sleep. Thank God I still had a couple caffeine pills left, though they make me need to use the facilities pretty often. Why did I never take them during college when they were more ready at hand?

* Photo not by me.

"Is this all a game? Was this all a ruse? I've waited by the phone. Cold as river stone. Anxiety. Alone" - Carbon Leaf, Desperation Song

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  1. They played Desperation Song in Charlotte. Love that song, was great to hear it live. I also like Another Man's Woman. It's catchy & fun, but a good tune grounded in the reality of every day life.