Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lucky Shots

It's in my profile that I enjoy photography, but I haven't talked about that yet that I recall. Some of the best pictures are ones that turn out to be different than you expect.

Take this one for example. I don't know who the little boy who got into the way of my shot was, but this turned out to be my favorite picture from last weekend.

And then there's this one from a damp day at the beach in October. You can't tell from the photo, but I spent most of the time there facinated by this golden quality that the edges of the clouds had once the drizzle let up. I took dozens of photos trying to capture that, but only a handful showed it. This one is a picture that doesn't show it, but I love it anyway. The irony is that I couldn't have set up a shot of the boardwalk like this if I'd tried.

Some times, there's a gift in the unexpected. We should try not to take that for granted.

"I’m a liar, set sh*t on fire" - Brad Sucks, Dirtbag

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