Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carbon Leaf

I'm posting this now during the wee hours because I doubt I'll be home much before midnight - I will regret that at work tomorrow, I'm sure. Anyway, tonight I'm going to see Carbon Leaf for the third time. They're a folk rock band, which isn't always my thing (I do own every Toad The Wet Sprocket cd, however) but I like them a lot.

"American Tale" <-- my absolute favorite
"Life Less Ordinary"
"Desperation Song"

Yesterday's Two Truths and a Lie game:

1. True. My date was younger than me, and Sophmores could only go if they were the guests of a Junior or Senior, so if I wanted to go with him, I had to ask him. And I really wanted to go with him =)

2. False. I don't think there were any regular columns, actually.

3. True. Yup, even though I'm an introvert, I tried out for Theater Sports. I didn't expect to join, but it was fun anyway.

So, did you guess correctly?

"What if we make reason an act of treason?" - Carbon Leaf, American Tale

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