Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Accidental Environmentalist

Let's be honest, as a Republican, you probably don't expect me to be very environmentally conscious. It's certainly never been a goal of mine (in fact, I'm more than a little serious when I claim to be pro-global warming. Have you spent the last couple of winters in New England?) but yet... some how I'm doing more for good ole mother earth than that person with the "Save The Earth" bumper-sticker on their 10/mpg SUV. Let's say that my choices are not motivated by any fine feelings for the Earth, okay?

Take my car, for example. It's true that it gets decent gas mileage. It doesn't qualify for that Cash For Clunkers program because its gas mileage is so high. I can't pretend that's an accident, but it's not because I care about the dwindling oil reserves - you know, though, when I was in second grade they said we only had 20 years worth of oil left. Magically, we still being told the same thing almost 25 years later... - but because I don't really like lining the pockets of the oil industry. I also happen to like small cars, so a compact car suits me well. I used to drive one of these when I was a senior in high school, and then one of these for work, and I'll tell you, I really like small cars better - better pick up, easier to park, I don't need to pull myself into it by the steering wheel like I did the Blazer, so all sorts of advantages. I miss my hatchback because it was even smaller than my current car. Someday I want a Yaris (assuming I can see to back up during a test drive, that is. Their back windows seem awfully high, which is bad for short drivers).

I bring bottles, boxes, and newspapers to the recycling center nearly every week...because in my town you have to pay to throw your trash out, but recycling is free. UNH was big on recycling, so I got into the habit then and it's been easy enough to continue to do so.

I also own, and manage to remember to use 35% of the time, reusable bags. This has lead to more than one cashier and fellow customers remarking about how "good" I am. Yeah... I'm sick of throwing away plastic bags. The recycling center doesn't take them.

I suppose I'm kidding myself that it matters what motivates what you do. Just don't tell anyone, okay? I've got a reputation to maintain.

As an aside, which I'm sure you're shocked about, aren't you glad I don't usually write about what I do on a given day? Today I watched part of a movie with Dad and Vynce, spent hours updating my website, and won an auction on eBay for a new sewing machine - I'm hoping the new one fits in the case I already have. Riveting stuff, huh?

"Heaven's kinda far/but I swear that when I'm coming it's close." - Rebekah, Sin So Well

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  1. Car dealers are increasing prices for good MPG cars because of the increased demand (artificial) from the cash for clunkers program. Not being critical, but it is basic supply/demand economics.

    With the price increases, some markets will will give consumers no net benefit. It is poorly written legislation. Especially since the turned in cars will have a trade-in value equal to the scrap metal -- because all cars under this program must be taken off the road.

    So some cars that qualify, may actually be worth more than the redemable voucher. Especially in down-turn economy, since the value of your car increases because more people tend to purchase pre-owned.

    I also don't qualify for cash for clunkers because my car already gets good gas mileage. But my dad swears by the car buying process here: