Tuesday, July 7, 2009


If we keep having this nice weather in New England, the other states are going to get jealous. Usually I only obsessively visit the National Weather Service page in the winter (I like to accurately complain about snowfall amounts) but now I'm visiting this summer too. In May there were 15 rainy days. In June 18 days. So far in July 4 days, and it's only the 7th!

I'm having flashbacks to the "summer" of 2000. Vynce, who spent the summer in Durham, claims it only rained 2-3 days a week that summer. The rest of NH was not in a protective bubble, and I know it really rained twice that often. How do I know? I spent all summer working outdoors, and nearly every day we were trying to keep things from getting wet.

"Llueve sobre la ciudad porque te fuiste ya noqueda nada más" - Los Bunkers, Llueve Sobre La Ciudad (translation: "it rains on the city because you left and there's nothing more" Sí, hablo español. Tomé clases por cuatro y medio años. Recuerdo algunos cosas!)

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