Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'd rather use my powers of photo manipulation for evil, rather than good. Good is terribly over-rated, as well as boring.

So which should I do more of next?

Retitled (for accuracy) books?

Fake products?

"I used up all my tricks and I hope you'll like this, but you probably won't. You think you're cooler than me." - Mike Posner, Cooler Than Me

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fellow Townies

Please drive more carefully. Yesterday's horrific fatal accident follows hot on the heels of my young neighbor dying in another accident just two weekends ago. And then there are the two people who got ran over in seperate accidents within the past year. Four car-related deaths in less than a year in a town of way under 10,000 people is too many.

So please, don't use your cell phones while driving, and don't drink. I'm tired of meeting sad faces when people ask how well I knew you (I knew 3 out of the 4 at least a little each), no more completely senseless deaths, okay?

"I'm as blue, I'm as blue as the ocean is true, it's just reflections of the sky" - Ryan Adams, Note to Self: Don't Die

Friday, October 8, 2010

September Music

Big Bang - Something Special
Boom Pam - U R Mine
Brendan Perry - Wintersun
Broken Bells - Float
Chew Lips - Eight
Class Actress - Careful What You Say
Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry
Crystal Fighters - In The Summer
Eagle Seagull - The Boy With a Serpent In His Heart
Feeder - Call Out
Her Space Holiday - The Candle Jumped Over the Spoon
I Blame Coco - Quicker
Jena Rose - Ticket To Bombay
Junk Circuit - Devil Wears A Crown
Kazety - 13
Laura Veirs - July Flame
Laura Veirs - Wide-Eyed, Legless
Les Savy Fav - Let's Get Out of Here
Local Natives - Sun Hands
Menomena - Five Little Rooms
Miami Horror - Moon Theory (Punks Jump Up Remix)
Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me
New Politics - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
New Young Pony Club - Lost A Girl (if you watch Gossip Girl too, you heard this one 10/4) 
Sleepwalk, a Robot - Astronaut
Stone Sour - Say You'll Haunt Me
Switchfoot - The Sound
The Decemberists - Annan Water
The Epoxies - Synthesized
The Hundred In The Hands - Pigeons
The Rapture - No Sex For Ben
Thieves Like Us - Forget Me Not
Thirteen Senses - Answer
Warpaint - Billie Holiday
Who Knew - Sharpen The Knife
You Me At Six -Stay With Me
Zeigeist - Chasing Your Shadows All Around The World

As usual:

Bold = I have other songs by them in my mp3/cd collection
Italic = I'd heard but didn't like other songs by them
Neither = never heard of them before

I'm not entirely sure who Ben Rama is (other than being a DJ) but I find songs like this one by the Rapture and "Nicky Wire You're a Liar" by Bard of Ely to be entertaining. There's being a rival with someone else in the field, then there's writing a song to trash them...

"Maybe in another life I could find you there. Pulled away before your time,
I can’t deal it’s so unfair" - The Offspring, Gone Away