Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blame Barbie and Ken

Like most little girls, I grew up playing with Barbie dolls, and had a fair number of Kens too. Even now I still have one Barbie, though since it's a collector's item (Princess of Ireland) it was never, nor was it ever meant to be, played with.

But let's talk about Ken. He was never a very good boyfriend to Barbie, but he did readily submit to costume changes. Barbie would occasionally balk and keep her arms stiff so you'd have to wrestle her into new outfits, with her sometimes losing a limb in the effort to resist, but Ken never made a fuss when it came time to dress him.

Is this why we occasionally see a man and think to ourselves "Jeez, if he'd just let me redress him..."? Sure, sometimes we're thinking about undressing him too, but mostly it's just the idea that we could dress him in something that suits him better. In something other than in polo shirts for example (I've known a few handsome guys over the years who live in them...sigh. What a waste).

Then there's colors - let me pick some for you that look better. Please! For the most part, though I can think of some glaring exceptions, women tend to be better about wearing colors that look good on them. If you can figure out what season you are, it's even simplier. I have it easy, like the vast majority of redheads I'm an autumn. Even before I knew that, I tended towards the colors that suit autumns best anyway. I do wear black, though. We're not supposed to because it makes autumns "look paler," which is not something I need to worry about; the only thing that makes me look paler is needing to throw up.

Fortunately the urge to play fashion consultant can be forced down so it doesn't come out and make you say something. Still, it's there...I'm thinking it's probably a good thing I usually don't end up drinking around the guys I'd like to redecorate, because I'm a lot more honest while drinking. Remember Vynce's engagement announcement faux pas? That night a couple of Mike's hard lemonades and I wrote him a list of other things that you're expected to announce to family first. He was less than impressed...but he did keep the list =)

"How I wish you could see the potential/The potential of you and me" - Death Cab for Cutie, I Will Possess Your Heart

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