Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dreams Mining Reality

Have you ever noticed that dreams often, but not always, have things from real life that you can point to as their "inspiration" as it were? I've been having more dreams like that than usual. I'm not sure that I like it.

It's been raining for weeks here in New Hampshire, and that's seeping into my dreams. They've also been doing constant road construction that doesn't seem to improve anything either. So is it any surprise that a couple of weeks ago I had a scary dream about being directed by cops at a construction site down a road that turned out to be flooded? It was nerve-wracking enough that I bruised myself while sleeping again; apparently I squeeze my right hand/wrist hard enough during nightmares to leave bruises...they're always a good match to the fingers or thumb of the other hand. This isn't the only flooding dream I've had lately, either, so it's reason #536 that I hope the rain will stop.

I also had a disturbing dream about McDuff this weekend, marking his only remembered appearance in my dreams. In the dream I wordlessly gave him the money he needed to buy a ticket somewhere, and he decided that meant we were on speaking terms again, ominously saying we'd be talking about "things" soon. In real life, on Saturday I was asked for money by someone at North Station who claimed he was stranded in Boston and needed to get to Lowell. We gave him some change, but I know we were had. Whatever, it's remotely possible he really used the money towards a train ticket home.

And then, last night, I dreamed I was almost three months pregnant. Surely this could only be inspired by the pregnant women in my life, though they're both farther along than that. It's a pretty big deal, though: only the second dream my entire life that I've dreamed of being pregnant. I was just barely old enough to get pregnant when I had the first dream, and now years and years later I've finally had the same sort of dream; I was considerably happier about it in last night's dream than the earlier one. I almost never dream about having children, either - I never did at all until January of this year when I had two such dreams a few days apart (I had mixed feelings about those dreams since I had daughters in both, though in addition to a son in one). None since then, however. It's kind of funny, though, in the dreams with kids I didn't "know" in the dreams who their father might be, but in both dreams about being pregnant I knew. Not that either dream-daddy was someone I've slept with in real life...

"Anything I can mistake in the dark for being what I'm looking for is good enough for me" - Owls, What Whorse You Wrote Id

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