Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shipping up to Boston

By the time you read this, I'll already be Boston-bound. We won't be looking for our wooden legs despite the entry title since that's just a nod to the celtic punk genre, but hopefully it will be an entertaining. I'll probably have new pictures tomorrow.

One of the most fun things about going to Boston is wondering who we'll interact with today. We are always asked for directions, which seems to suggest that we have a clue where we're going. We usually do, and even with my poor sense of direction I can navigate the T without difficulty, so there's that. And maybe it's because we lack the dazed, kind of scared look that a lot of tourists have too. Boston during the day isn't anything to be scared of. Neither is Boston alone, at night, in the rain, either, but that's too long a story for today since I've got to be leaving in half an hour...

I like abandoning the car in northern MA and taking the train in. Boston driving is no fun, and I try to avoid it when possible. Bridges are hard for me to deal with at all, and the Tobin makes me really really nervous to drive over. We also have the fun of seeing who else is on the train too. In February we spent half the train ride home talking to a college kid about how useful our language classes proved to be as adults, since he was a language major.

See ya.

"She said I think I'll go to Boston/Think I'll start a new life/I think I'll start it over" - Augustana, Boston

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