Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bone Marrow Registry

I've been thinking about joining the bone marrow registry for a few weeks, and by happy happenstance, there's a registration drive going on until June 22nd, with the normal $52 fee waived. I just sent for my kit.

The odds of me ever being a match for anyone are small, but I like the idea of being able to help someone this way. Especially since I'm not planning on being an organ donor (learning that most donors are brain dead rather than dead-dead is off-putting). Donating marrow would either hurt or make me sick for a week or so depending on which of the two methods they use to collect marrow, but there are no lasting ill effects from either donation method, so it's hard to decide not to go through with it.

Here's the link if anyone is interested in joining too. Still, you once you register you're considered a potential donor until your 61st birthday, so it shouldn't be something you decide to do on a whim.

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