Sunday, June 28, 2009

1301 More Days

I suppose I could spend a few paragraphs grousing over the idiocy that is cap and trade, but I think that I'll content myself with noting that approving a measure that will send utilities costs through the roof during a recession is a really destructive idea. Someone will get rich off of this, but it sure won't be you and I. Hopefully the senate will see reason and not pass it there as well. And I could complain that the only thing that Obama has done that I like so far is to extend some benefits to the same sex partners of government workers (you realize that Megan McCain and I aren't the only pro-life, pro-gay rights voters out there, right?) but I won't do that tonight either.

Instead I'm going to b*tch about how the GOP needs to get it's act together immediately. There are 1300 days and 3 hours until the next inauguration day, and we sure as hell shouldn't wait so long to make a choice as we did the last go-round. It was a field full of weak players, and McCain wasn't even the best of a bad lot, so I held little hope that he'd get elected. I didn't vote for him in the primaries, but a lot of Clinton supporters in states striped of their seats did. Grr.

We need someone good this time around, and I'm going to cry if people keep suggesting Palin. She's an idiot, and won't win. We can't afford - I mean that literally, being a fiscal conservative - another 4 years of Obama's spending on top of Bush's war spending, so we must do something. And as a side rant, what is it about Baby Boomer politicos, republicans and democrats alike, that makes them so damn selfish? They won't be happy until they bankrupt everyone in the two generations that follow them with their self-absorbed spending on frivolous things.'s going to be a long three and a half years.

"A-E-I-O-U Nothing/Don't ask me for a single cent...Don't ask me" - Men, Women & Children, Vowels

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