Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dinner Q & A

Well, not exactly dinner since I haven't eaten yet, but you know what I mean.


I'm thinking about taking a non-credit college class late summer/early fall, more to alleviate boredom and meet new people than anything else; but something more interesting than the classes I've had to take since college because grant-writing, first aid, humane restraint, and the autism series weren't much fun. Anyone know of a likely subject that would attract more men than women? Hopefully those in their late 20s to mid 30s? ::g::

Why do coworkers ask me what I plan to do during our (unpaid) time off? Would knowing that my plans include worrying about money a little, writing, hopefully going to the beach, worrying about money, and continuing my quest to find someone in my life who isn't scared of rollercoasters to talk into going to an amusement park help them in any way? It's not as though there's an amazing way of making cash I'm keeping secret from them or anything.

While I've helped other people dye their hair, I've never done it to my own. How does someone who dyes their hair blonde decide when enough dark has crept back in to bother dyeing it again? And how do you gently suggest to someone that he try dyeing his hair brown instead of dyeing it black?

Why do so many people, even those born since the advent of word processors, still put two spaces after a period? That was only necessary for typewriters, and looks really odd in a computer-generated document.

What is the point of the new "concealing petals" in bra cups? Do that many women wearing a bra still have that problem? And how come they have tags on bras that say "invisible under clothing" or "stay put straps"? Who do you have to kill to get a bra that in invisible under clothing and with straps that'll stay put?

Will anyone ever get flat sandals in a 7.5w in again? I've already been looking for 2 months! They don't even have boy's leather sandals this year, what gives? This is a conspiracy to keep me in socks, isn't it.

Can my on-going nightmares about alarm clocks be solved with a new clock, or would I worry instead that the new one wouldn't wake me?

How come no one ever told me that increasing your level of exercise significantly can cause metrorrhagia? We all know about it causing amenorrhea over the long term, but no one ever said the opposite can happen! Hopefully Sunday night was a scary one-off since it hasn't happened again. (Gents: if you don't know what the words mean, you'll probably be happier not looking them up)



Other than trio under my right eye, just from my shoulders to my fingers. No where else.

No contacts. They just change color from their usual indeterminate shade of blue.

Because it's more fun to let you imagine the questions than tell you what they are.

"She's in your head/And you just don't notice." - Shiny Toy Guns, Ricochet

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  1. I had no clue exercise could do that.

    I probably SHOULD use those concealing petals but I had never heard of them. My nipples just won't quit.