Thursday, June 10, 2010

Splice (Spoilers)

I saw Splice with C on Sunday. It was her turn to pick a movie, and we both hoped it'd suck less than my last choice (see also, horror for wusses). Turns out that the previews for this movie are really misleading.

If you've seen the trailer, did you get the impression that it's about a lab-created monster rampaging after it escapes, killing a lot of people - like Species? It's not. The body count is a very small number, so small that you could count the deaths on the fingers of one genetically altered hand.

The truth of the matter is that this movie is a retelling of a centuries' old story. You may very well have read the story in high school. I won't say which novel, but you'll catch on.

I think I liked this more for it being something other than what I expected, but I would recommend it more as something to rent if you're undecided about going to see it in the theater.

"I'm not in love, I just want to be touched. I just want your kiss, Boy." - Kate Nash, Pumpkin Soup

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