Saturday, June 12, 2010

Can't Breathe

Of all the things I'm sick of this week - and there are several of them ranging from being completely sick of the sort of contract we're doing at work and my apparent inability to learn not to give a certain type of person power to influence my mood - I'm really sick of not being able to breathe!

95% of the time my asthma symptoms are unnoticeable, allowing me to be more active than a lot of people, but this triggers are humidity and pollen and there's plenty of both to be had currently; for example there's ninety percent humidity today. The worst of it is that I'm so tired, no matter how much I sleep. I'm sure working an extra 1.25 hours a day isn't helping, but this just sucks.

I actually felt well enough to work out on Thursday, but a tragic MP3 player accident which resulted in its death despite trying to revive it for an hour and a half squandered what I didn't know then was my only window of opportunity for days so now I wish I'd tried it without music... If I exert myself by doing anything more than walking, I feel like bands are around my chest that makes it ache... I tried to hang up my new shadowboxes today, but gave up once I hit a snag with the wall anchors because I didn't feel up to trying another approach.

I know that this will pass, but I hate feeling weak, and for that to keep me from doing things I want to. To make matters worse, knowing why I can't get things done in no way keeps me from feeling lazy. Sorry to whine =(

p.s. This blog is a year old today!

"You touch yourself, you think of me. C'mon, it's not that dirty." - Die Trying, Dirty Dirty

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