Monday, July 26, 2010


Today's meandering theme is guys.

* I think I should spend a few hours on a dating site. Not because I'm interested in online dating, but because I am really bad at figuring out how old guys are. I figure looking at a bunch of pictures might help. As for why now...So, there's this guy. Well, there are two - I was (am?) mildly interested in one but I'm sick of being the one to initiate all conversation, so I've put that interest on hold. Besides, I'm lead to believe him no longer making an effort to talk to me indicates that he's just not that interested, but I suppose I'm willing to be proven wrong - but anyway, the other one of them is just nice looking, and I've hardly exchanged ten words with him. Turns out he's 23. Argh. Don't get me wrong, I like younger guys, I do. In fact, I actually prefer younger men. But by "younger" I mean 1 to 5/6 years younger. Not ten years younger. I need to improve my guessing skills!

* I'm kind of talking to McDuff again. We're working together for the first time in ages, so it's a necessity. He has a girlfriend now and I'm fairly sure he figured out I'm very much not interested in him, so...hopefully talking to him again will be okay. He's a nice guy, and I'm glad he's happy now.

* I have an interesting new theory, but I don't know if anyone would understand it, because not everyone is familiar with the concept of people being "a season." What season I am was extremely easy to figure out, because almost all redheads are Autumns. If you have red hair because of an MC1R mutation, which means you have fair skin and usually blue or green eyes too, you're an Autumn. If have fair skin but strawberry blonde or auburn hair (to me neither of these is red, but ymmv) or you're a redhead who doesn't have fair skin, you're a Spring. So, most of us are Autumns.... Anyway, the theory is that people are attracted to people who are the same season they are. Nothing turns my head faster than black hair and brown eyes, but I've been attracted to a fair number of guys with brown hair, some with blue eyes, and even a few blonds. And it turns out most of them have been autumns. Vynce's fiancee is an autumn too, and from observation people in couples often just seem to, um, match. But, considering most people don't even know what season they are, never mind the people they're attracted to, I can't really poll people =(

"I'm done waiting for something to be there. I'm done waiting for a new feeling." - I Was Totally Destroying It, Done Waiting

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