Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer TV

So...I watch a lot of TV. I'm pretty sure that I own more TV shows on DVDs than movies, and I'm happy with that. When I was younger summers were a vast wasteland of reruns, but this decade is awesome. There are so many summer shows!

As you probably have guessed from old posts, I'm watching True Blood, Design Star, and Last Comic Stand this summer; I'm loving the first more than the other two, but I'm hoping the others will pick up soon. And Hawthorne. And Warehouse 13 started back up again last night. And last week was the season finale of In Plain Sight... Yeah. So I watch a lot of TV even during the summer.

I actually met someone a while back who said "I don't watch TV." And I mentally took a step back, thinking, "wow, if this isn't a joke, I'm not sure we have a future as friends." And I was at least half-serious. How could I convince someone who is anti-TV that it's important to watch True Blood, Fringe, and Primeval?

"Somethings wrong when you regret things that haven't happened yet." - The Submarines, 1940


  1. I feel like I've stopped watching any TV that could be conceivably considered good. Now it's all horrid reality shows. (Well, OK, Proj Runway's pretty awesome.) But way too much Real Housewives--Jersey, NY, soon DC, and also now Bethenny Getting Married...I pretty much live for Bravo. It's terrible.

  2. Not to be mean, but if you choose not to make a new friend just because they don't do an activity that you enjoy, you could have very well lost someone that could have been a great friend.

  3. Eli, I was *joking*

    But truth to be told, after three months he's said so little about himself that I still have no idea if we have anything in common at all, so you're probably right that we won't end up friends.