Thursday, May 20, 2010

Threatening Love Letters

This blog is what, eleven months old? and it occurred to me recently that I never explained what the name means. It's pretty simple, really:

I work with one of my mother's friends, and she likes to tease me a bit, just like my mom does. Days before I started this blog, I was outlining a scene of a story during break and as she was walking by she noticed I was writing. "What are you writing?" she quipped. "Love letters?"

"No," I shot back. "Threatening letters."

She laughed and went on her way, and I became intrigued by the idea of letters that were both love letters and threatening at the same time - kind of like the one in the banner. I googled the term, and got almost no hits that weren't "...threatening. Love letters..." you know, as the end of one thought and the beginning of the next, not a cohesive phrase.

My brand new blog needed a name a few days later, so...

"Your words are pictures in my head." - The Papertiger Sound, Magnetic North

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