Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh, Sookie... (Dead Reckoning spoilers)

I look forward to the new Sookie Stackhouse book every year, and Dead Reckoning was no exception. What was different, though, was that I didn't love book 11.

As you are surely aware from other posts, I'm a big Sookie/Eric fan, which is one of the reasons why I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see how book 4 will work into this season of True Blood, and herein lies my biggest complaint with Dead Reckoning: Now that Sookie and Eric seem happy together, a huge, vampire-queen shaped monkey wrench has been thrown into their lives. The book ends on a wait-and-see note, and with only two books to go, I'm half anticipating, half dreading what's going to happen next between the mind-reading barmaid and her viking boyfriend.

Come on, Harris, don't do this to us! You probably shed Sookie/Bill fans a long while ago, you don't want to lose the Sookie/Eric contingency too, do you?

Other than the relationship woes, the book led to some interesting developments. Did you wonder why Claude and Dermot moved in? Or why she and Hunter read minds despite it not being a fairy gift? Read Dead Reckoning and you'll find out.

"All this dancing around again, will it break uncomfortable silence?" - Triggerfinger, All this Dancin' Around watch buy

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