Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Night Coming On

As much as I bitch about winter, I'm not completely immune to its beauty. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that right at twilight the snow glowed an eerie blue, so after a few more days of missing twilight, I finally had both charged batteries and the right timeframe...only to discover that night landscape mode won't let you shut off the flash. So, in order to catch that blue glow, I ended up bringing out my tripod (and cocoa) to take a series of photos before night came on completely.

It seemed like it'd make an interesting gif. What do you think?

Photos taken between 6:20 and 6:28 EST...or, if you want to be really pedantic, EDT since we're in daylight saving time.

"Blue Light marches on the distance, could be a TV or a UFO. Most nights, they start at least six times. Maybe I'm in the movies, maybe I don't know." - Marry me Jane, Blue Light

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