Monday, March 21, 2011

The Lost Art

Do you ever wonder what bored people with English degrees do to amuse themselves? Besides writing disturbing stories in the second person, that is. (That was the most common comment on that story. Which is good, it was my aim.) Well, some of us try our hands at the lost art of letter writing.

I noticed that the newest Accu-Check commerical was different, so I felt like writing to them to ask what was up was the proper thing to do.

To whom it may concern,
I was concerned when I saw your latest commerical. Robin no longer mentions that Rodney's kid has diabetes like she does. Was Rodney laid off (the recession and all) or, god forbid, did something happen to that poor child?? I've spoken to other worried viewers too, the child is okay, isn't s/he?

Shannon Rene

Of course, they wrote back. They always do.

Dear Ms. Rene,
Thank you for sending your message to our website. Yes, Rodney still works for Roche and is still in the commercial in the locker scene. Rodney’s child is doing well but we do want to thank you for the heartfelt concern.

Best regards,
ACCU-CHEK Customer Care

The letter I got back from Jergens after asking them how much of their lotion you should ingest in order to heal your skin from the inside (they said right on the bottle that it heals skin from the outside and the inside) was more amusing, but I can't find it at the moment. If I do,  I'll edit this post.

Maybe next I should write to Exxon about putting a tiger in your tank... ::evil grin::

"She's so afraid that the world's gonna get her. Yeah, I think that's true." - Shapes of Race Cars, Get Melted

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