Sunday, February 27, 2011

Praying for snow?

If you're the one praying for snow, please stop. We've had enough. If I find you, I will hurt you.

Things I'm sick of:
- snow
- shoveling snow from the driveway
- shoveling snow off the roof
- ice
- narrowed roads & driveways
- mountains of snow in parking lots that make it hard to see other cars
- snow!
- frost heaves
- the cold
- windy windy days (seriously, 50mph wind gusts? I'm so over that)
- snow!!
- wearing layers
- wearing boots
- scraping car windows
- daylight disappearing before 6pm (though this is a vast improvement over December when it got dark at 4:30pm)
- snow!!!

"Well it just started to snow & again it fucking blows, & blows & blows" - 22, Winter Sucks

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