Friday, December 17, 2010

Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Let me be frank: if it wasn't for Ben Barnes, I wouldn't bother with this movie series. The movies aren't bad, but...

Anyway, I wish that the awful, terrible island was a lot more awful, or terrible. There was a lot of wasted potential there, though perhaps it might have been too scary for the kids if it lingered.

What I'd really like to read (or write) and see would be something akin to a dark Narnia. A magical land that is really off-kilter and nightmarish. Wouldn't that be more fun? Maybe I can sell the syfy channel on the idea...

"You are still in my dreams, and you're knocking at my door. Nightmares of you creeping in my head. Nightmares of you sleeping in bed. And the way you're whispering my name so slowly..." - Silver Sunshine, Nightmares

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