Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby Got Shot

Finally, after waiting for months for NH to get enough stock in, I got my flu shot today. Who ever would have guessed that people would be so eager to have a needle jabbed in their arm? (A lot of people are getting a nasal mist, but I'm not one of the people allowed to due to having asthma.) If anyone out there is wondering, it doesn't hurt. I barely felt it.

I'm really relieved to have gotten the shot at last because so many of my coworkers think nothing of bringing their germs into work with them when they're under the weather. That's how I got the flu the only time I ever have. I know it'll take a week or so before I'm fully immune to this flu, but that's okay. I'm just glad to have gotten it now, when the normal peak of flu season is still a month off.

FYI - when determining which version you should get, the question can be a little vague. "Are you in good health" is code for asking if you have asthma or an auto-immune disorder, so if you do, say no, and they'll assign you to get the shot rather than the mist.

Stay well!

"You make me sick, but I love what we're doing here" - Egypt Central, You Make Me Sick

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