Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who Steals Mail?!

The network adapter I have for wireless internet has developed a nasty habit of overheating and losing connection to the internet over and over again. So, after asking for some advice about Windows 7 compatability (I bought this current adapter because my old one wouldn't play with Vista) given I hate Vista and will probably upgrade to Windows 7 eventually, I found one with good reviews and ordered it. Then waited and waited for it to arrive. Why, if it arrived in Nashua on Thursday, was it still there through Monday afternoon? Wait wait wait...

The box finally came yesterday. It felt really light too. When I opened it I discovered that the box had been retaped and contained only a crumpled packing slip. F*ck!

Our post office wondered if it could have been a neighbor who swiped it. Um, no. First, none of our neighbors is that sort of person, and second, whoever did it retaped the box - how many of our neighbors have packing tape on hand? Besides, it was only scanned into our post office less than 24 hours before it was delievered, so someone would have to have been camped by the mailboxes to get ahold of it so quickly. I can't believe a neighbor would have gone to the trouble over a mystery box.

At first I assumed that it was a problem with Nashua's post office, since the tracking on the package said it sat in that city so long, but wiki lead me to discover that there's an Amazon warehouse in Nashua, so it probably wasn't at the post office in Nashua all that time.

Fortunately, my grim imaginings that Amazon would give me the runaround over it didn't come to pass, and I got an apologetic response to my e-mail this morning with a promise to send me a replacement immediately. I should have it by Saturday. Maybe. The empty box was supposed to have arrived the day before it did, so I won't hold my breath that I'll be able to have a functioning network adapter before Tuesday.

But really, who steals outgoing mail? Odds are greater that it was one of the employees who opened the box, took out my item, mangled the packing slip and put more tape on it than someone at the post office who'd have no idea what was in the box. Aren't most people smart enough to realize that the customer isn't going to shrug off spending $35 for an empty box? At Amazon or the post office, I hope whoever it is gets caught before someone else gets an empty box in the mail.

"You don't want a taste of the fantasies that I create." - Riddlin' Kids, Stop the World

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