Sunday, May 13, 2012

April Music

Adler - The One That You Hated
Air - Napalm Love
Alphastates - Addicted
Beck - Walls
Beck - Walls (Live)
Cities - Capitol
Civil Twlight - Fire Escape
Eve 6 - Victoria
Friska Viljor - Did You Really Think You Could Change
Fushia - Brunswick St
Kasabian - Re-Wired
Lettercamp - The Denial Twist
Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos - Shannon
Skillet - Monster
The Veronicas - Popular
There For Tomorrow - The Verge

As Usual:
Bold: I have other of their songs in my music collection
Italic: I was previously familiar with some of their songs but didn't like them
Neither: I've never heard this band before

"But I'll be there to take care of you if ever you should decide you don't want to waste your life
In the middle of a lovesick lullaby."
- TV on Radio, Will Do

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