Friday, November 18, 2011

Indie Music Blogs

A post for Alexz... :)

Some of the many-several sources for indie music I compile my monthly song recs from:

Built On A Weak Spot
Cable and Tweed
Covert Curiousity
Done Waiting
Instrumental Analysis
It's Too Long
King Blind
Leaky Sparrow
Let's Sexy Fighting
Lito Music <-- not English
Lost in Your Inbox
More Than Milk
Motel de Moka
Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good
Music is Art
My Reticence
Nine Bullets
Pasta Prima
Speed of Dark
The Yellow Stereo
Who Needs Radio
Zonaindie <-- not English

"Turn the world off. Turn myself on. Turn up the radio, turn up the radio." - Die Trying, Turn Up The Radio

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