Friday, April 8, 2011

Sucker Punch

I hope Colleen and Ophelia liked this movie too, because I did. I didn't love the ending, and I was unhappy that "Panic Switch" by The Silversun Pickups wasn't in the movie after being heavily featured in the trailer, but other than that...

I'm not much of a feminist, but I'll admit that I have a general fondness for tv shows and movies that are big on girl-power. Girls kicking guys' asses is pretty sweet. This movie had a fair amount of that, so I enjoyed it.

More so, though, was the apprication of the visual aspects of the film. Gothic surrealism is an under-used film style, so I'm always thrilled when something new comes along to make use of it. I'm not sure what is so exciting about the up-from-under wide angles, but I really love that (even in ballroom scene in this backstreet boys video) for some reason. I really wish that more films would make use of it, and I think the emergence of steampunk will eventually grant me that wish...if we end up getting a bunch of steampunk movies, that is.

Anyway, I give Sucker Punch 7/10.

"..blew all in me with gold silence, then a science project volcano erupts inside me, filling me with flat champagne." - Children Colide, Jelly Legs

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