Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Primary Woes

For reasons I can't quite fathom, the New Hampshire primaries aren't until September 14th. It makes it feel like the parties think the election is no big deal, but it is. On the other hand, I'm still not sure who I'm going to vote for for senate. None of the candidates is a great fit :(

In some ways I'm a predictable Conservative voter: I'm strongly pro-life, weakly pro-death penalty in that I approve of its limited use for multiple murder, I'd like a smaller government and a reduction of earmark projects, I'd like to see more employers of illegal immigrants viciously fined to discourage them...

But I'm also in favor of gay marriage & adoption (the latter of which jives perfectly with being prolife IMHO. If you want to keep babies from being aborted, they of course need good parents. I don't understand prolife people who are against this), and in favor of universal health care. I don't want to vote for someone who might make it so some of my coworkers lose the right to marry whomever they choose, and hey, making health care affordable would be great so I don't want to vote for someone against it either (but don't tell my folks, okay? I avoid the issue when they rally against the idea). These issues together aren't more important to me that the ones in the last paragraph, though, so I'm not about to vote for someone in favor of these but against the rest so I'm unlikely to vote for a democrat. I guess I'll be somewhat unhappy with whomever I do end up voting for.


When are true moderates going to run in either party?

"Everything you say, I am listening, I am all ears. But if you still believe I'm thinking of you, you're dreaming, yes you're dreaming" - The Shout Out Louds, You're Dreaming


  1. I'm a liberal but just like you, I believe in gay marriage and adoption (which I think is beautiful).

    Good luck! Don't stress too much there.

  2. I stumbled upon your blog today and thought I'd say that I'm glad you aren't staunchly opposed or in agreement with either side just because you cling to their label. You seem to actually put some thought behind your beliefs, so good for you. It's refreshing.

    Annah, don't most (if not almost all) liberals "believe in gay marriage and adoption"? Maybe you just phrased your comment oddly.

    Personally, I'm prolife and anti gay marriage/adoption. I honestly struggle with believing that a child can be raised effectively without a mom AND a dad.

    Therefore, I'm also anti-divorce and anti-unhappy marriage. Call me old fashioned? Or maybe I am just projecting irrational hopes onto a really messed up world. I don't really know, but the latter possibility depresses me...