Friday, August 7, 2009

Music We Keep

So, as I promised I would, I spent an hour every day this week exercising. It sucked, but I got through it, and I plan to continue doing so. While doing my MP3 player landed on a song that made me think about how sometimes our enjoyment of certain bands was prompted by other people in our lives. Think about it, which bands do you like mostly because someone else introduced you to them?

Dad: Tom Petty. I didn't like music very much as a child, but I always liked it when Tom Petty was played.

Mom: The Moody Blues. She got me into them when I was in high school.

Vynce: No Doubt. Years ago he begged me to take him to see No Doubt if they ever played in MA, and eventually they came to Great Woods so I was obliged to see them even though I was totally turned off by their song "I'm Just A Girl." Face To Face opened and were awesome. Weezer wasn't as good as I'd expected, but they were still okay. And No Doubt? I left the concert a fan.

Lindsey: The Pixies. I never even knew they existed until Kristia's friend Lindsey lent me Doolittle. Wow.

Ryan: Depeche Mode. Before breaking my heart all those years ago, he showed me what I was missing here. At least he had good taste in music. You'll note he's not on this list...

Nich: Rasputina and a general love of cellos and violins juxtaposed with guitars.

Kevin: Crushworthy, of course - he was in that band. When he sang I could almost see what my friends thought I was missing by thinking of him as "just Kevin."

Meredith: VAST. This is the band that led me down this path. We didn't have much in common besides both hating our Americorps*Vista leader, but we did both dig this band.

So, how about you? What bands do you like can you trace back to other people?

"Do you really think she can give you more than me? Baby, I know she won't" - Ayo, Down On My Knees

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